Ex-Marine Once Praised by Biden Facing Military Probe After Warning POTUS of Taiwan War Danger

The Biden administration has sustained its predecessor’s ‘tough on China’ attitude toward Beijing, continuing the trade and tech wars, increasing military aircraft and naval deployments in the East and South China Seas and around Taiwan, and accusing the PRC of human rights abuses and ‘genocide’. China has called on the US to stop meddling.

Former US Marine and Marine Corps advisor Franz Gayl – the whistleblower who was suspended, reprimanded and stripped of security clearances in the mid-to-late 2000s for informing Congress and the media on the Pentagon’s failure to protect US troops in Iraq only to be later vindicated, is in trouble again after penning a pair of op-eds in China’s Global Times newspaper warning Biden of the threat of war with Beijing over Taiwan.

Gayl, who received praise by a bipartisan group of senators, including then-Senator Joe Biden, for his Iraq whistleblowing activities and the lives they saved, penned two pieces in the Chinese paper in late April and late May, the first entitled ‘Why US will lose a war with China over Taiwan island’, and the second called ‘US ‘othering’ of Chinese could be prelude to Taiwan conflict’.

In the pieces, the 64-year-old retired Marine outlined Beijing’s historically-backed claims to Taiwan as part of a united China, and blasted the island’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s “independence hubris,” which he suggested was being “fueled by US cabinet-level China hawks and…

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