QAnon Conspiracy Theories of Trump Becoming President in August Really Worry DHS – Report


Earlier, the US media had circulated information that some supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory are waiting for the summer with the hope of a “military coup”, which, they believe, will return Trump to power to continue his fight against a pedophile sex trafficking ring within the US government, which proponents of QAnon allege exists.

A top official at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told members of Congress on Wednesday that the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump will be reinstated as president in August has raised certain concerns, Politico reported, citing people familiar with the closed briefing.

According to the report, John Cohen, the department’s senior counterterrorism official, spoke before the House Committee on Homeland Security in a members-only briefing.

She explicitly mentioned the conspiracy theory that Trump will be put back in office in August, and probably as a result of a military coup, a theory that US mainstream media claimed Trump has reportedly encouraged within his inner circle.

And he said it is causing anxiety among department officials because it feeds the narrative that the election was rigged, which might provoke a violent reaction from some extremists.

In addition, at the QAnon conspiracy theorists’ conference in early June, Trump’s ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn claimed that a military coup similar to the one that took place in Myanmar, when the military removed the civilian…

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