Israeli PM Bennett Hints at Possible Involvement in Recent Attack on Iranian Nuclear Site – Report

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On Wednesday, Iranian media reported that a “sabotage attempt” at one of the country’s nuclear facilities was foiled. Reports said that it was a drone attack on an Iranian centrifuge manufacturing facility outside of Tehran that purportedly caused damage to the facility.

During a speech at a graduation ceremony for Israeli Air Force pilots on Thursday, prime minister Naftali Bennett appeared to allude to Israel’s role in a recent attack on the Iranian nuclear site, The Times of israel reported.

Bennett also mentioned Israel’s strike on Iraq’s nuclear plant over 40 years ago in his speech, which was one of his first since taking office as premier earlier this month.

The attack, codenamed Operation Opera, was the first instance of the so-called Begin Doctrine, named after then-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, which advocates taking military action— unilaterally if necessary — to prevent adversary countries in the Middle East from acquiring nuclear weapons.

According to the TOI, Bennett claimed that Israel’s prime ministers have always had a “sacred responsibility” to prevent the state from facing an existential threat. 

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz spoke at the same occasion about Iran’s nuclear program, threatening to launch a military strike if necessary, as israel did in the case of Iraq in 1981.

In his speech, Bennett signaled that Israel was departing from his predecessor Benjamin…

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