Netanyahu’s Criticism of Israeli Gov’t & Biden Over Iran is Part of New Political Game, Scholars Say

Although Benjamin Netanyahu has stepped down as Israel’s prime minister, this does not mean that his political struggle is over, say Israeli observers explaining how the ex-PM’s criticism of the Biden administration and Naftali Bennett’s cabinet over Iran could affect US-Israeli relations.

On Monday, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Foreign Minister Yair Lapid of endangering the Jewish state, citing the latter’s alleged pledge to Washington to inform the US government of any actions against Iran beforehand. The former PM insisted that through this vow, Lapid had given up on Israel’s freedom of operations against Tehran’s nuclear programme as well as on the country’s sovereign right to self-defence.

According to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Lapid indeed held a conversation with US Secretary of State Blinken last Thursday and vowed to adhere to the “no surprises” policy without mentioning Iran specifically.

Does Lapid’s Pledge Really Endanger Israel?

While it would be an exaggeration to say that israel has to ask Washington’s permission for every secret operation against Iran, it is clear that the Jewish state cannot declare a war against the Islamic Republic without the US’ consent, according to the scholar.

Israel is dependent on the US economically and politically, we receive American military aid,” Litvak underscores. “There’s no way israel can defy the US on major issues. I’ll give you an example. In 1956, Israel went to war against Egypt and…

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