Chinese national’s arrest in Malda: Agencies probe larger conspiracy

More than a week after a Chinese national was caught by the Border Security Force (BSF) near an outpost close to the bangladesh border in Malda, investigating agencies are now looking into a larger conspiracy surrounding him and involving more Chinese and Indian nationals.

The Chinese national, who has been identified by his passport as Hun Junwei, was found carrying an Indian Aadhaar card, a bank ATM.

In a video released by the BSF, Hun Junwei claimed that he was involved in export business, e-commerce and hotel, and that he had visited India “several times for business and market research”.

He and his associates also allegedly smuggled over 1,300 Indian SIM cards to China.

“I reached bangladesh border on June 2, and I came to Bangladesh border. I crossed a river and by mistake, entered India and was arrested… I just crossed Bangladesh as I wanted to surrender to ATS Lucknow,” Junwei is heard speaking in the video released by the BSF.

He was arrested on June 10.

According to sources, when he was being chased by BSF officials, Junwei threw away some documents. “The documents were collected three days after his arrest. These documents were the one on which he claimed to be an Indian citizen,” an investigating official said.

Meanwhile, BSF said that they suspect him to be involved in some security issue.

“Three days after he was arrested, we found Telangana ID card, Aadhaar card and bank account details, an ATM card of a nationalised branch…

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