Summing up Netanyahu’s 12 Years in Office: What Legacy Will He Leave Behind?

For some, Netanyahu has played a pivotal role in improving Israel’s economy, boosting its military and international standing. For others, his tenure has been disastrous, primarily because he split Israeli society and dealt a severe blow to the country’s judiciary system.

The Israeli media has never been easy on former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the 1990s he was associated with the incitement that led to the assassination of then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Then he was linked to the burial of the historic Oslo Accords and the end of the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And, more recently, his name has been tied to a series of graft probes that included buying positive press coverage and receiving illegal gifts from a rich donor.

Now, however, as his days at the PM’s official residence in Jerusalem are numbered and he is set to vacate Balfour Street on 10 July, Israeli media outlets are summing up his contribution to the country’s economy, security, and Israel’s international standing.

All About the Economy 

In terms of the economy, experts are split into those who believe Netanyahu has pushed the country forward and those who downplay his contributions.

On the one hand, during his 12 years in office, he worked hard to lower taxes and expand Israel’s business sector often at the expense of state institutions. He opened up Israel’s economy to competition, limited regulation, interference of the state, and endless bureaucracy that had…

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