As Gaza Plagued by Destruction and Poverty, Local Millionaire Says the Poor Won’t Go Unnoticed

According to estimates, there are several hundred millionaires in the Gaza Strip, an enclave where over half of its two million residents live below the poverty line. But a local businessman says the wealthy in the area always make sure to assist the impoverished population.

One month after the end of Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip, international efforts to rebuild the devastated enclave continue.

Egypt has already sent equipment and professionals to assist in the reconstruction efforts. It also pledged half a billion dollars to repair what had been damaged during the eleven days of fighting between israel and Hamas, an Islamic group that controls the Strip.

Similar measures have also been taken by other regional players like Qatar that vowed to invest another half a billion dollars into the coastal enclave, or the United Arab Emirates that sent tonnes of urgent food and medical supplies to Gaza.

Millionaires to the Rescue

But it’s not only international efforts keeping Gaza afloat. Within the Palestinian enclave itself there are also those coming to the rescue of the area’s economy and its impoverished population.

Jawdat al-Khodary, a 52-year-old Palestinian millionaire from Gaza, says he is doing his best to help his people.

“Operation Guardian of the Walls” dealt a severe blow to the Gaza Strip. According to reports, the IDF destroyed at least 2,000 residences, four mosques, and dozens of police stations. Roads, medical institutions, schools, and other…

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