‘A Terrorist Regime’: Danish Radio Girls’ Choir Shaken by Decades-Long Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse survivors recall being kissed, groped, and fondled as young girls and testify to a general atmosphere of fear, disrespect, oppression, and lurid jokes.

The Danish Radio Girls’ Choir has been embroiled in a scandal involving decades-long sexual harassment and psychological terror.

Earlier in June, the Danish newspaper Politiken published an article in which twelve former members of the Danish Radio Girls’ Choir testified about a sexualised environment in the choir between 2001 and 2010.

The chief conductor during that period was the current director of the Malmö Opera, Michael Bojesen. After the revelation, Bojesen took a timeout from his assignment at the opera and chose to resign as chairman of Denmark’s State Art Foundation, the country’s largest. However, last week, Bojesen returned to his office, and the Malmö Opera’s board has expressed its full confidence in him.

Subsequently, though, more women testified about experiencing harassment and psychological abuse even before Bojesen’s time. The girls’ choir’s former chief conductor, Tage Mortensen, who led the choir between 1965 and 2000, was singled out as the perpetrator.

Yet another woman recalled about constant outbursts of anger from the former chief conductor, of how he pinched her nipples and mocked her weight.

The women also recalled how he often made semen jokes in front of them and threw parties with alcohol even though some of the choir singers were below the age of…

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