Ex-Daesh Bride Shamima Begum Wore the Group’s Badge at School and Recruited Students, Report Says


The story of Shamima Begum, who joined the terrorist group at the age of 15, has baffled British authorities and polarised the public. Numerous human rights groups have condemned the government for barring the young woman from returning to Britain, but others insist she poses a danger to national security.

Shamima Begum wore Daesh’s* badge on her blazer at school and tried to persuade her classmate and other students into joining the most brutal terrorist group in modern history, MyLondon has reported. According to the outlet, which spoke with former pupils of the Bethnal Green Academy, Begum as well as two other girls, who joined Daesh in 2015, were obsessed with the terrorist group.

Jon, who is not from a Muslim background, said he found the girls’ stories, which never mentioned the group’s violence, appealing. They made it sound like Daesh’s stronghold in Syria was a “good place to be”.

Shamima and her friends were pressuring pupils into joining the terrorist group, Jon said. “They were like ‘you know, if you don’t go to Islam you are going to hell and you are going to die'”, he said.

The conversations took place at school or on the BlackBerry messenger and never on platforms that “could be tracked”, Jon revealed. One of the girls, Amira Abase wanted him to meet an imam who could talk about Daesh in more detail.

Trip to Syria and Attempts to Return to the UK

In 2015, Shamima Begum and two other British girls (

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