‘Rat JOINING Sinking Ship’: Twitter Lampoons Remoaner Bercow’s Defection to Labour


John Bercow’s attacks on PM Boris Johnson rung hollow as even Conservative MPs pointed out his membership as a young party activist of hard-line Tory factions that wanted to repatriate immigrants and hang jailed South African ANC leader Nelson Mandela.

The Twitterati have mercilessly ridiculed former British Parliamentary speaker John Bercow for his self-trumpeted move to the Labour Party.

Bercow took a last swipe at former Conservative party-mate Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday with his noisy defection to the opposition — singing the praises of hapless Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer.

​Others replied that Labour was no better that the Conservatives, who didn’t want Bercow back anyway.

​​Former Brexit Party — now Reform Party — leader Nigel Farage recalled how, in his last months as speaker in 2019, Bercow tore up centuries of Parliamentary procedure rules in a failed bid to help the opposition and Europhile Tory rebels stop Britain leaving the European Union. That backfired when Johnson was finally able to force a snap election in December that year, winning by a landslide with his “Get Brexit Done” slogan.

Junior Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly feigned surprise, while trade unionist Paul Embery was sure Bercow would be an apt convert to social-democratic and pro-Brexit poilicies.

Bercow’s description of Johnson’s big-spending ‘one nation’ Tory party as “reactionary, populist,…

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