Leave No Man Behind? Afghans Who Fear Taliban Revenge For Helping Americans Can’t Get US Visas


US President Joe Biden confirmed this year that Washington would be wrapping up its almost 20-year-long war in Afghanistan. The announcement caught not only American allies off guard, prompting rapid preparations for withdrawal, but also Afghans who have been helping the US all these years.

While the opponents of foreign wars might be rejoicing over Washington’s decision to pull troops out from Afghanistan this year, this was hardly good news for the thousands of Afghans who have worked as interpreters, translators, drivers, cooks, and advisers to US personnel over the last 20 years. With the US reducing its presence in the country, Taliban forces have spread their influence and they are generally not kind to their compatriots who have helped the Americans, NPR reports, citing the accounts of several locals.

These people and their families are either receiving death threats or being killed without any warning from Taliban fighters, the broadcaster says. Several hundred Afghan interpreters have already been killed since 2001, according to the No One Left Behind non-profit organisation.

It takes nine months to issue one after a person applies for it, which is too long, considering that the US is planning to be gone by September 2021 and will abandon most regions of the country where candidates for SIVs live even earlier.

Furthermore, in reality, sometimes these SIVs take years to get, NPR says. A 2020 review of the issue by the inspector general at…

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