Taliban power pursuit has led to uncertainty in Afghanistan: Shringla

India on Friday said the Taliban’s relentless pursuit of power through violence has created an uncertain environment in Afghanistan and the situation in the country is “fluid” at this point in time.

And, with India stepping up its diplomatic activities in Afghanistan’s peace process as the US prepares for the troops withdrawal, Pakistan has said that at times it feels that New Delhi’s presence in the war-torn country is perhaps “larger than it ought to be”.

In an interactive session at a virtual conference organised by Public Affairs Forum of India, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla listed the withdrawal of US troops and the attempt by the Taliban to steadily expand its influence through “targeted assassinations” and “territorial aggression” as reasons for triggering the uncertainty.

“I think the levels of violence and the fact that despite talks going on in Qatar and other places, their relentless pursuit of power through violence has made it an uncertain environment in any sense,” Shringla said.

“India has always been for a peaceful solution, we have always called for a ceasefire, we have always advocated that there should be talks between the government and the Taliban and others that are involved in this process, involving all the neighbouring countries,” he said.

The Foreign Secretary said it would be difficult to say how things would work out in Afghanistan. “Many of those talks are on but as I said the…

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