China’s Cyber Troops Targeted Indian Telcos, Gov’t Agencies in Last 6 Months: US Research Firm Says


The year 2020 re-configured the dynamics of the Indo-China relationship in the wake of the Galwan Valley clash. Both India and China lost soldiers in hand-to-hand fighting there as territorial tensions mounted along the border. Citing national security-related cyber espionage concerns, India went on to ban over 250 Chinese mobile apps.

A suspected cyber unit of China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) has been targeting Indian telecom companies, government agencies and defence contractors over the last six months amid border tensions between the neighbouring nations, a US-based research firm called Recorded Future said in a report on Friday. The main aim behind these cyber attacks is suspected to have been obtaining data regarding India’s military technology and defence.

According to the findings of Recorded Future’s study, the web-threat group “RedFoxtrot” is linked to PLA unit 69,010, headquartered in the city of Urumqi in Xinjiang – an autonomous region in northwest China associated with alleged human rights violations targeting the nation’s Uighur minority.

In a different blog post, the Massachusetts-headquartered research firm noted that its findings are backed by the analysis of the kind of malware used by the attackers, their domain registration records and network traffic patterns.

The report suggests that by targeting India’s telecom companies, the names of which remain undisclosed, the PLA’s “cyber soldiers” intended to gather…

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