Why Biden’s Effort to Forge a United Front with EU Against China is a Rather Steep Challenge

Although the Biden administration is trying to reassure the EU about Washington’s commitment to transatlantic values, mutual distrust and differences still persist, undermining the White House’s idea of forming a united front against China, international observers say.

The US and the EU announced on Tuesday that they have resolved a 17-year-long row over aircraft subsidies involving Boeing and Airbus. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen praised the move, stressing that it has opened a new chapter in the US-EU relationship, as Washington and Brussels moved “from litigation to cooperation”.

However, the Biden administration sees yet another dimension to the historic decision: according to US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, the allies have finally come together against a “common threat” – China. She underscored that the US and EU would cooperate “to challenge and counter China’s non-market practices in this sector in specific ways that reflect our standards for fair competition”.

G7 Leaders Don’t Maintain a Unanimous Stance on China

The idea of countering a “challenge” posed by the rise of China has repeatedly been voiced during Joe Biden’s first European tour. However, while G7 and NATO leadership have seemingly reached a consensus on the need for a shared approach to Beijing, Washington and European players have differing economic interests in China, according to David Hearne, an economist and researcher at Birmingham City University.

Germany indeed…

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