Taliban ‘Running Social Security Net For 30,000 Families of “Martyrs” In Afghanistan’


As the US and allied troops prepare to leave Afghanistan, the Taliban is regaining the positions it once held, even establishing an administrative set-up to govern the territories under its control. More than 70 percent of Afghanistan is already under Taliban control, even as fighting between insurgents and Kabul’s forces rages in other parts.

The Taliban says it has registered more than 30,000 Afghan families who are in dire need of financial assistance because the main breadwinner has died, most while fighting with the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) or by airstrikes from US-led coalition troops in recent months.

He says that the Taliban machinery also takes care of “vocational training” of the children so they are able to support the economy in the future.

“We have developed programmes for the orphans and those rendered disabled by war so that they can acquire skills to become tailors, mechanics, pharmacists and carpenters among other vocations. We want these people to be economically self-sufficient,” Agha states.

The claims by the Taliban official give an insight into the insurgent group’s fast-expanding administrative capabilities, as its fighters overrun the positions of Afghan forces across the war-ravaged country.

From Takhar province in the north-east on the Tajikistan border, to Helmand and Kandahar provinces in the south, the Taliban claims to control more than 70 percent of Afghanistan’s territory in 24 of the 34…

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