Beijing Blasts Foreign Meddling in Taiwan’s Affairs, Flies Over Two Dozen Military Jets Near Island

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The Taiwan issue reemerged as a major sore point in relations between China and the United States as soon as President Biden stepped into office in January, with the decision to invite the island’s de-facto ambassador to the president’s inauguration slammed by Beijing and resulting in an escalation of tensions.

China’s Taiwan Affairs office has urged outside powers to step back and avoid meddling in the island’s affairs, and called on local political forces to stop their “independence” rhetoric.

Ma’s comments followed the Taiwanese Defence Ministry’s announcement late on Tuesday that a record 28 People’s Liberation Army Air Force aircraft, including fighters, maritime strike, and strategic bombers, and early warning and control aircraft had entered Taipei’s so-called “Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ)” in the space of 24 hours, flying over the disputed Pratas Islands and near the island’s southern tip.

The People’s Republic does not recognise Taipei’s ADIZ, and considers Taiwan itself to be an inalienable part of China – similarly to how Taiwan formally claims mainland China to be its territory.

On Sunday, the leaders of the G7 nations issued a statement criticising China over a host of issues, Taiwan among them, stressing the “importance of peace and stability” across the Taiwan Strait. The government in Taipei welcomed the statement, saying Taiwan was a “force for…

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