New Pentagon Arctic Centre Vilifies Russia & China, Proselytises US Agenda, Activist Says

Washington is trying to play its own game in the Arctic under the guise of common good and protection of a “rules based” order, says American peace activist Jan R. Weinberg referring to the recent establishment of the Pentagon’s Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies.

There are areas where the US and Russia can work together to produce outcomes, including Syria and the Arctic, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told the press on 13 June in advance of the Putin-Biden Wednesday meeting in Geneva.

At the same time, last month the Biden administration subjected Russia to criticism over what it called “unlawful maritime claims” in the Arctic region. However, the Kremlin shredded Washington’s allegations as groundless.

Arctic Council and Pentagon’s Centre for Arctic Security Studies

In May, Russia assumed chairmanship of the Arctic Council for the next two years, signalling that its main focus will be on enhancing the sustainability, resilience and viability of the Arctic communities, ensuring sustainable socio-economic development in the regionb and strengthening the Council as the leading format for international Arctic cooperation.

While the US is a member of the Arctic Council – together with Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden – it is promoting its own Arctic format and agendas aimed at beefing up its military presence and “regaining leadership” in the region.

On 9 June, the US Defense Department (DoD) announced the creation of a…

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