Swede’s Military Presence in Mali Continues Even as France Terminates Its Mission


At present, the West African nation of Mali hosts Sweden’s largest military presence abroad at several hundred soldiers, which is set to continue, despite a pullout by france.

Despite france recently announcing that it is ending its current military operation Mali, it hasn’t affected the Swedish mission there, which will continue as planned, the country’s Supreme Commander Micael Bydén said, as quoted by national broadcaster SVT.

SVT described Mali as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The spread of violent Islamism has caused great political concern. The West African country has seen two military coups over barely nine months, and recently received a new government, with the military occupying the top posts.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently announced that the French-led operation in the Sahel region in its current form will end. He ventured that France’s long-term presence in the country cannot replace political stability.

“It doesn’t really affect what we do, but it will do so in the future”, Supreme Commander Micael Bydén said.

Earlier, Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist assured that France’s plans would not affect the Swedish presence for the time being.

Sweden’s largest overseas operation is currently located in Mali. Sweden participates in three ways: in a major UN operation, Minusma, in a training mission with the EU, and international counter-terrorism rapid reaction force Takuba…

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