No ‘Business as Usual’ With Russia, Engagement With China: NATO Presents 2030 Strategic Concept


Representatives of all 30 members of the bloc have gathered in Brussels on 14 June to discuss the current challenges that the alliance is facing and how they are going to address them in the coming years.

Members of NATO have adopted a new 2030 strategic concept that was proposed by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The joint communiqué of the 30 countries said that they agreed to further strengthen NATO in the face of any threats.

The members of the alliance have stated that they are facing “systemic competition from assertive and authoritarian powers” as well as growing security challenges. They named Russia and China among the main causes of their concerns, while also adding that terrorism, threats to the “rules-based” international order, migration, and cybersecurity are also on the list of their top priorities.

No Return to ‘Business as Usual’ With Russia

Part of the renewed NATO strategy will apparently be continued confrontation with Russia based on the pretext of Moscow allegedly engaging in behaviour not compatible with international law. The member states agreed not to return to the pre-2014 relations with the Kremlin unless it changes this supposed behaviour.

The members of the bloc also rejected Moscow’s proposal for mutual non-deployment of missiles previously banned under the INF Treaty, which was abandoned by the US in 2019. The joint statement claimed that the proposal is inconsistent with…

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