Israeli Atomic Expert Says Mossad Blew Up Iraqi Nuke Power Station Parts in France in 1979

Middle East

A new memoir reveals how Israel, with US backing, tried unsuccessfully for years to stop france and other countries from helping Iraq develop its own nuclear power industry — first through diplomacy, then spying and intimidation, then finally sabotage attacks on French soil.

An Israeli atomic engineer has revealed that Mossad agents sabotaged equipment for Iraq’s nuclear power station before it was exported from france.

A new memoir entitled “The Quiet Sabra” by Micky Ron, a former engineer at Israel’s Dimona reactor site, uncovers Israel’s hand in covert bombings on French soil.

He reveals how agents blew up a pair of reactor cores bound for the Osirak power station near Baghdad in 1979, two years before Israel’s Operation Opera air raid that destroyed the facility, also known as Tammuz, before construction was complete.

Saddam Hussein, then deputy chairman of the Ba’ath Party Revolutionary Command Council, launched the Iraqi project to build a nuclear power station with French know-how in the early 70s years before he became president in 1979. Even with support from US president Jimmy Carter, who took office in 1977, Israeli was unable to dissuade France from helping Iraq through diplomatic means.

Civil-military collaboration

In late 1977, new Likud prime minister Menachem Begin asked Mossad chief Yitzhak Hofi; the israel Defence Forces Intelligence Branch commander Major-General Shlomo Gazit…

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