Syria’s Assad Says Country Has Potential to Overcome West’s Crushing Siege – Video

Middle East

The Syrian Arab Republic has lived through a decade-long US-led campaign to destabilise the country and overthrow its government, fighting off an assortment of foreign-backed rebels and jihadist militants. Now, the country is suffering from the occupation of its oil and food-rich eastern regions, and a US and European economic blockade.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has expressed confidence that Damascus will be able to overcome the impacts of the West’s economic blockade and restore the country’s industrial base.

After touring factories and speaking to workers and managers, Assad told reporters that the city, “which has been on the front line between the army and the terrorists for many years, has survived… My visit today aims to stress the priority of the economy in the upcoming stage and how to overcome the obstacles facing the productive sector in general in Syria.”

The president added that although he was not surprised by the scale of economic activity in the city, because he keeps abreast of economic affairs, the visit served as an important morale booster, demonstrating “the real capabilities of the Syrian industry, which has survived.”

The president promised that the state would provide the country’s industrial sector with all possible forms of support.

Before the war, Syria had one of the largest and most developed industrial sectors in the region, with industry contributing over a…

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