Biden Using ‘Methodical’ Approach to Shutter Guantanamo Facility by End of First Term – Report


Dozens of US lawmakers recently took up an effort to urge the Biden administration to initiate the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, where approximately 40 individuals are being held at the military prison. Many of the detainees have been imprisoned for nearly two decades without being charged with a crime or tried in court.

US President Joe Biden is reportedly tapping a low-key approach in his efforts to officially shutter operations at the infamous Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp within his first term in office, it was recently revealed.

Sources familiar with the administration’s measures informed NBC News that Biden’s approach would be much less public than steps taken by former US President Barack Obama, who was repeatedly blocked by congressional lawmakers from both sides of the political spectrum during his two terms.

Officials have previously rejected attempts to transfer such detainees to the US mainland, even to supermax prisons.

At present, an estimated 19 detainees may be eligible for transfer should the review board determine they no longer present a threat to the US, the outlet reported, adding that there is a “core group” of some 12 individuals who will more than likely not be eligible.

Reports surfaced earlier this month that the Biden administration had in fact approved the release of three detainees, two of whom were from Pakistan and one of Yemen.

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