Berlin Urged to Speed Up Resettlement of Afghans Who Worked for Military Amid Fears of Retribution

As the United States and NATO forces continue to pull out of the country, the Taliban says people who worked for foreign forces in Afghanistan will be safe as long as they show “remorse” and should not leave the war-ravaged country.

An appeal has been made to the German government to speed up the resettlement of hundreds of Afghans – who were employed by the military – in the country amid concerns over their safety.

The appeal was penned by high-ranking representatives from the military, politics, development aid, and the diplomatic corps as international troops prepare to be withdrawn from Afghanistan next month.

Signatories include two former German ambassadors to Afghanistan, the former inspector general of the Bundeswehr, leading aid workers and Marcus Grotian, chair of the Patronage network of the Afghani Local Workforce.

‘Endangered Notices’

The German military, the Bundeswehr, which has been involved in military operations in Afghanistan since 2001 and has over 1,000 troops stationed there, is estimated to have employed around 520 Afghans as interpreters, drivers, security staff, and administrators over the past two years.

All of them, along with their close family members, are potentially eligible for resettlement. To do so, they are required to prove in their applications that they have been threatened by the Taliban because of their association with foreign military forces.

Campaigners are urging a review of the eligibility time-frame. They…

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