Trump Believed Dems Would Switch Biden for Clinton, Obama as 2020 Presidential Nominee, Claims Book

The new book by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender, slated for release on 10 August, is one of several seeking to offer a “postmortem” account of Donald Trump’s defeat in the presidential elections of 2020, with the author having interviewed over 150 people, including the 45th POTUS himself, as part of research for the volume.

Former President Donald Trump held back from engaging in full-throttle attacks on his rival, Joe Biden, during the Democratic presidential primary in 2020 as he believed that Democrats would replace him with another candidate, according to a new book, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election”: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, cited by Vanity Fair.

Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris, who was “quietly advising Trump” during the 2020 election, had reportedly planted in the ex-POTUS’ head the notion that the primary win might be stripped from Biden.

The then-candidate, he suggested, might be supplanted by someone like former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or former First Lady Michelle Obama, according to the author, Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender.

Bender’s book is set to be published on 10 August, and touts itself as offering a take on how and why Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden in the 2020 campaign.

‘Biden Replacement Theory’

Donald Trump, according to the book, had embraced the “conspiracy theory”, as per Bender, that there was a clandestine plot being conceived by the Democrats regarding…

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