Hezbollah Can Negotiate With Iran for Fuel Shipments, Nasrallah Says

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The Lebanese political party and militant group is known to enjoy close ties with the Islamic Republic, with Iranian officials regularly listing it as part of a regional ‘Axis of Resistance’ against the US and Israel. Hezbollah fighters and Iran’s Quds Force teamed up to fight an array of jihadist extremists in war-torn Syria over the past decade.

Hezbollah is prepared to negotiate the shipment of fuel from Iran to be paid for in Lebanese pounds if the current fuel shortages plaguing Beirut continue and the Lebanese government fails to address the crisis, Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah has said.

In an address to Al-Manar TV, a pro-Hezbollah television station, on Tuesday, Nasrallah called on authorities to make a “bold decision,” and “not to comply” with US directives regarding oil and fuel, and to “bring [fuel supplies] from Iran using Lebanese pounds.”

Nasrallah went on to comment on the ongoing political crisis in neighbouring Israel, warning that the situation may push the current government to “commit a folly” against Palestinians or “the entire Muslim World” in Jerusalem.

The politician also thanked supporters for their concerns about his health following his speech last month, during which he reportedly showed signs of pneumonia, saying that he has recovered and reiterating his hope to live to be able to pray in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque some day.

Nasrallah’s comments come one day after Hassan…

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