Hezbollah Warns Israel With Hellfire If It Strikes as Gantz Threatens to Make Lebanon ‘Tremble’

Middle East

The Lebanese Shia political party and militant group has engaged in dozens of skirmishes with the Israeli military in recent years, and fought a major war against the israel Defence Forces in 2006.

israel is advised to stop making threats against Lebanon, and would face a previously unimaginable response in the event of hostilities with Hezbollah, Hassan Baghdadi, a member of the group’s central council, has warned.

The official suggested that the problem with Israel’s leaders was that they “do not learn lessons and do not understand real politics,” and that their “aggressive and criminal nature always drives them to adventurism…adding to our faith the hope that this entity will cease to exist at a record speed.”

Baghdadi’s comments come in the wake of remarks by Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz late last month warning that Israel would stage massed strikes inside Lebanon if Hezbollah dared attack.

Gantz’ comments came following last month’s fighting between the IDF and Hamas, during which the Palestinian political and militant group fired thousands of rockets into southern Israel, and the IDF pounded Gaza with hundreds of missiles. The conflict, the largest of its kind since the 2014 Gaza War, led to the deaths of over 250 people in Gaza and the West Bank, and caused over a dozen Israeli fatalities, and was sparked by the Israeli Supreme Court’s threat to evict Palestinian families…

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