Harris Says Her Guatemala Trip Reflects Biden’s Priority to Revive Ties With Allies Around the World


Both US President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris are making their first foreign trips in their new job this week. Biden is heading to the European continent, and Harris, who was given the task in March to lead the administration’s efforts in battling migration from Northern Triangle countries, is finally going to Guatemala and Mexico.

Vice-President Kamala Harris has said that her trip to Guatemala – her first foreign travel undertaken as a vice-president – reflects the fact that the Biden administration considers that region a “priority”.

Speaking from Guatemala City, Harris added that the trip also reflects President Joe Biden’s priority of “reestablishing relationships” with global allies, as he is expected to make his way to the United Kingdom this week for G7 summit. Biden will then head to Brussels to meet with NATO and EU members. His first foreign jaunt as president is expected to culminate in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. 

The trip marked the first time Harris had set her foot abroad in an official capacity, more than two months after she was told by Biden to “stem the migration” across the US southern border. The vice-president is eager to highlight that the job is primarily designed to help the Northern Triangle countries of Central America – meaning Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – to tackle the “root causes” of an unprecedented wave of migrants flowing to the US…

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