Egypt Sees Israel-Hamas Truce as Its ‘National Security Concern’ as Delegation Set to Visit Cairo

The North African nation, that has been involved in mediating between israel and the Palestinians since 1979, is concerned that tensions between the two sides will spill over into its territory. Cairo also wants to make sure that the rights of Palestinians are respected and that they receive a state in the end.

An Israeli delegation is expected in Cairo later this week to discuss a long-lasting truce with Hamas, an Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip, Israeli media outlets have reported.

According to those reports, israel is expected to stress that it will not assist in any reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip without receiving the bodies of two missing soldiers. The Jewish state will also reportedly demand the return of two Israeli civilians allegedly held by Hamas.

In addition, Israel will seek reassurances from Cairo that the half a billion dollars it will be investing in the Strip will not backfire and that the construction material entering the enclave will not be used to replenish Hamas’ military capabilities.

No Reassurances 

But Hussein Hareedy, a former adviser to Egypt’s foreign minister and a man who has been following the developments closely, says his country will not be able to give any guarantees to Israel, especially given that Cairo doesn’t see a “direct link” between such construction materials and the ability of Hamas to rebuild itself.

In 2014, after Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge”, the Gaza Strip was largely destroyed. Overall damage…

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