Bill Clinton’s Ex-Adviser Who Compared Fauci to Satan Suspended From Twitter for COVID Conspiracies


Naomi Wolf became famous after her first book about unrealistic standards of physical beauty. She is described as a leading spokeswoman of third-wave feminism. In recent years, Wolf has been criticised for promoting “crazy” conspiracy theories, including about Edward Snowden and Daesh*.

Naomi Wolf, former political adviser to 42nd US President Bill Clinton, has been suspended from Twitter for posting anti-vaccine remarks. Wolf spread a popular conspiracy theory claiming that inoculations against the coronavirus contain microchips, which are purportedly implanted to control the population. In one of her posts, she wrote that vaccines allegedly contain a “software platform that can receive uploads”.

She also claimed that vaccines “made by Apple” allow time travel, compared leading US expert on infectious diseases Dr Anthony Fauci to “Satan”, and insisted that the urine and faeces of vaccinated people should be separated from general sewage until studies reveal their effect on water.

At the end of May, she was duped by a journalist into posting a screenshot that contained a quote about vaccines from a doctor called John Sims, who was actually a porn star.

​Her suspension from Twitter has drawn mixed reactions, with some users praising the social media platform for what they described as a battle against misinformation…

​…while others contended that Twitter’s move was a violation of freedom of speech.

Wolf has often…

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