Ahead of 16 June Meeting With Putin, Biden Says US ‘Must Lead the World From Position of Strength’


The June trip to Europe will mark the first foreign travel of Joe Biden’s presidency, as he is scheduled to meet with the leaders of NATO, the EU and G7, ending the visit with a summit with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in Geneva on 16 June.

In a Saturday op-ed for The Washington Post, US President Joe Biden reflected on his upcoming European trip and meeting with Vladimir Putin, elaborating on his planned agenda and particularly noting that he believes the United States “must lead the world from a position of strength”.

He also said that Washington and its allies are “standing united to address Russia’s challenges to European security” and pledging “meaningful consequences for behaviors that violate US sovereignty, including interference in our democratic elections.”

Biden’s confidence in “shared purpose” with his “friends” comes amid recent reports of how Danish intelligence service helped the US spy on its European allies, as the leaders of France and Germany demand explanations from Washington. The French president, Emmanuel Macron outlined that espionage is “not acceptable between allies, even less between allies and European partners.”

The US also appears to have a different stance with its European allies when it comes to the Nord Stream 2 – a pipeline to deliver billions of gallon of Russian natural gas to Europe. Supported by many European nations, the pipeline is subject to sanctions from the US,…

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