US Officials With ‘Directed-Energy Attacks’ Symptoms Now Referred to NIH, Report Says


Allegations that directed-energy attacks have been carried out against US employees stationed overseas date back to 2016, following complaints of unexplained headaches, nausea, ear-popping, vertigo, and possibly brain injuries among US government officials at the embassy in Cuba. The occurrences were dubbed ‘Havana Syndrome’.

US officials posted overseas who reported symptoms of so-called ‘directed-energy attacks’ are now being referred to the National Institutes of Health, Politico reported, citing a cable it obtained.

Earlier, a group of US diplomats and other government employees suffering from Havana Syndrome symptoms said in a letter to a deputy secretary of state that the afflicted individuals are still being denied medical care. The group reportedly consisted of 21 US government employees and their spouses who were allegedly harmed while working overseas, notably in Cuba and in China, and are suspected to be or proven as Havana Syndrome cases.

The US State Department reportedly stated in response that it had received the letter and expected to discuss the contents with interested parties, as the department has “no higher priority than the safety and security of US personnel, their families, and other US citizens.”

Again, Russia Is to Blame

Last month, a Politico report cited anonymous officials saying that US officials believe a Russian military intelligence agency is behind the so-called directed-energy attacks.

The report said that…

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