Global Anti-Semitism on the Rise, as Israel ‘Has no Strategy’ to Oppose It, Ex-Diplomat Says

In 2014, during Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge”, the country invested only 0.38 percent of its total budget in foreign relations and diplomacy, way less than the Palestinian Authority and Iran. Years later, in 2021, the situation hasn’t improved and the reason for this is the reluctance of the Israeli leadership to adopt certain policies.

Recent weeks have seen a surge in anti-Semitic incidents around the world. It started off with a call to rape Jewish girls in London. Then a couple of incidents were registered in New York City, but didn’t stop there, spreading to other parts of the US.

According to reports, in the last week of May, the Anti-Defamation League received 193 complaints of anti-Semitism in the US, a 47 percent increase from the previous week, and Danny Ayalon, Israel’s former ambassador to the US, says the recent surge can be put down to two major factors.

Root of All Evil?

The first of those is Israel’s “Operation Guardian of the Walls” that kicked off on 10 May following a barrage of rockets emanating from the Gaza Strip.

During the eleven days of Israel’s military campaign, more than 250 Palestinians were killed and over 1,600 were injured. Israel claims most of those eliminated were militants. The Palestinians say they were civilians.

The campaign also destroyed a thousand buildings, including residential facilities, causing severe damage to clinics, police stations, and schools.

The images of that destruction grabbed the attention of the…

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