Washington Urged to End ‘Strategic Error’ of Thwarting Europe’s Defence Integration Ambitions

Proposals to boost Europe’s defences have ranged from Brussels-based initiatives funding procurement, training, and research to the development of a full-blown EU army, as touted by French President Emmanuel Macron.

US President Joe Biden has been urged by a Washington think tank to encourage the European Union to develop hard-power military capabilities.

The report, published on 1 June by the Centre for American Progress ahead of Biden’s first trip abroad as president to attend G7 and NATO summits, calls on the POTUS to revise the policy of his predecessors, who have opposed EU defence integration for decades.

The authors of the report explicitly call out Washington for thwarting attempts by European allies to spend more on their own militaries by holding them to NATO’s two percent of GDP spending target.

The document states that since the 1990s, the US administration has wielded its veto power to block the “defence ambitions of the European Union.”

‘Strategic Error’

The authors argue that if the EU was allowed to pursue its own defence initiatives, it would both save money and improve fighting capability.

The report calls the current situation a “hodgepodge” of national forces that NATO is forced to coordinate. 

The authors of the new report raise concerns over the state of much of Europe’s military hardware, which is in “shocking disrepair.”

“European forces aren’t ready to fight with the equipment they have, and the equipment they have…

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