NSA Spied on Angela Merkel; Canada Faces Charges of Genocide; Lukashenko Warns of World War

The US National Security Agency is facing allegations that it enlisted the aid of the Denmark intelligence services to spy on European leaders.

Alexander Mercouris, editor-in-chief at theduran.com & host of “The Duran” on YouTube, joins us to discuss “Spygate 2.” Reports that the US National Security Agency enlisted the aid of Denmark’s intelligence services to spy on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and potentially other European leaders is causing an uproar amongst US vassal states in Europe. Meanwhile, many observers are yawning at the reality that these nations have generally accepted their status as powerless clients of the US empire and are unlikely to do more than complain.

Levi Rickert, editor and publisher of NativeNewsOnline.net, joins us to discuss the genocide against indigenous people in Canada. The bodies of over 200 children were found in Canada at a building that was used to strip them of their culture and indoctrinate them into European culture. Observers are using this as an opportunity to revisit the genocide and violence associated with Western imperialism.

Mark Sleboda, Moscow-based international relations security analyst, joins us to discuss Belarus. The President of Belarus is talking about the Western attempt to overthrow his government and is joining a chorus of international voices warning that NATO and the US empire are rapidly dragging the planet towards a third and potentially final world war. Also, Roman Protasevich, the man who was…

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