US Air Force Troops Expose Nuclear Weapon Secrets on Flashcard Study Apps, Report Says

Digital security has become an increased risk for military organizations, as it is often difficult to monitor soldier’s online habits when using consumer apps. The US military has a long history of keeping open secrets related to the development and possession of nuclear weapons.

Easily-accessible flashcards used by the US Air Force to help troops memorize nuclear security protocols have exposed sensitive information related to the locations and protective measures needed for nuclear weapons vaults at all six military bases in Europe, an investigative report by British journalism website Bellingcat revealed on Friday.

The report revealed that the digital flashcard sets were created on apps like Chegg Prep, Quizlet and Cram. It is said the study material revealed not only the bases but shelters labeled “hot vaults,” which are believed to contain nuclear weapons.

Bellingcat claims that its researchers were able to uncover sets of flashcards by searching popular flashcard app sites with terms publicly known to be associated with nuclear weapons. In cross-referencing data from the flashcards with other reports and images shared online, the researchers were able to verify the existence of some of the nuclear vaults.

Dr Jeffrey Lewis, founding publisher of and director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, said to Bellingcat that the findings showed a “flagrant breach” in security…

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