Ex-Pentagon Official Who Investigated UFO Data Accuses DoD of Discrediting Him, Report Says


US intelligence agencies are due to deliver a report on “unidentified aerial phenomena” to Congress in June. Earlier this year, an array of leaked photos and footage from the US Navy showed what looked like mysterious objects flying over American airspace.

Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Programme (AATIP), has accused the US Department of Defence (DoD) of trying to discredit him so that the government can continue to cover up details about “unidentified flying objects” (UFOs), also referred to as “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) or “anomalous aerial vehicles” (AAVs).

In 2008, Elizondo was assigned to work for a DoD programme that investigated reports of “unmanned aerial phenomena”.

Politico on Wednesday reported that Elizondo had filed the 64-page complaint with the Pentagon’s Inspector General on 3 May, a document that pointed out “several internet bloggers were notified […] that I [Elizondo] had no duties regarding AATIP and that AATIP did not involve the study of UAPs”.

The complaint also ostensibly claimed a senior official warned Elizondo he would “tell people you are crazy, and it might impact your security clearance”.

Politico also cited Elizondo’s lawyer Daniel Sheehan as saying that the complaint’s main goal is to pressure the Pentagon to come clean about the US military’s alleged close encounters with UFOs.

The DoD’s Inspector General (IG) did not comment on the complaint, but…

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