EU to Continue Military Cooperation With Mali as Coup Leader VP Goita Appoints Himself President


Brussels’ military training mission in Mali is just one of several such operations in Africa, many of which are in former European colonies with dependent links to their old rulers. Earlier this month, the European Union weighed the option of sending thousands of troops to fight a growing uprising in Mozambique.

On Thursday, the European Union’s foreign policy chief said the bloc will continue cooperating with Mali on military training, despite the army’s recent seizure of power. Earlier, Malian Vice President Assimi Goita, a colonel and leader of the August 2020 coup d’etat, declared himself interim president.

“But let’s see how things are going,” he added. Earlier, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told reporters outside the same Lisbon meeting that the EU expects the political transition process to proceed as planned despite Goita’s seizure of power, which would have no immediate effect on the EU military training mission there.

“We don’t train armies to be putschists,” Borrell said at the time. “Ninety percent of the army has been trained by our mission, but the four most prominent (coup) leaders have not been trained by our mission.”

In January, the European Council elected to extend the EU Capacity Building Mission in Mali (EUCAP Sahel Mali) for another two years, setting aside a $108 million budget for the period. More than 600 soldiers from 28 European states take part in the…

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