Hamas Won More From Latest Fight With Israel Than Everyone Thinks, Claims Israeli Ex-General

The Gaza-based militant group fired more than 3,000 rockets at israel over 10 days during hostilities that started on 10 May. The IDF responded with airstrikes against the group’s alleged positions in densely populated Gaza which, however, resulted not only in the killing of its fighters and leaders, but also in several civilian casualties.

As Tel Aviv boasts great success in smashing Hamas in the latest military operation against the group in the Gaza Strip, it is actually Hamas that should be celebrating, Israel’s Reserve Brigadier General Asaf Agmon suggested in an interview with Ha’aretz newspaper. The former military chief pointed out that, despite being pommelled for days by the IDF Air Force, the Gaza-based group actually won more in this conflict than Tel Aviv.

According to Agmon, the daring attack against israel with thousands of rockets brought Hamas to the “top agenda” at the moment when Tel Aviv and other countries started to believe that the group had been dealt with.

Hamas’ massive attack against Israel also came ahead of the general election on the territories of the Palestinian Authority announced by Mahmoud Abbas. Although the date of the election remains unclear, Hamas, which also engages in political activities, will likely seek to strengthen its position not only in Gaza but also in the West Bank.

The group regained its prominence even in the minds of Israelis after the last round of attacks, which started on 10 May and ended 10 days later with a…

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