Dems Hiding Jan 6 Capitol Footage That Belies ‘Riot’ Claim, Says GOP Congressman


The US Justice Department has said around 440 people have been charged in connection to the January 6 protest at the seat of Congress, including over 40 military veterans, one active-duty serviceman and sef-styled ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley.

A Republican congressman has demanded Democrats release video footage of the January 6 Capitol occupation — as authorities prepare to prosecute hundreds of protesters.

Interviewed on Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Reports on Tuesday night, California Representative Devin Nunes suggested security camera videos and other footage would show that most of the 440-odd people charged simply walked through the open doors of the seat of Congress.

“Republicans have yet to see the videotapes of what happened on January 6,” the congressman revealed. “Why are they not showing us the videotapes and why don’t we know who broke the windows and damaged public property?”

A major in the US Marines was named earlier this month as the first active-duty serviceman to be charged over the incident, although over 40 military veterans have also been indicted. Also among those facing trial is self-styed ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley.

The occupation — by a group of protesters who broke away from the 200,000-strong ‘Stop the Steal’ rally led by then-president Donald Trump — attempted to stop Congress official presidential election results from the 50 states that declared Democratic candidate Joe Biden the winner. Trump continues to …

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