Israel Hails Guardian of The Walls Operation in Gaza as ‘A Success’

Middle East

During the eleven days of fighting, the Jewish state eliminated 25 commanders and engineers of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It has also destroyed the groups’ offensive tunnels and dealt a devastating blow to its so-called metro, an underground tunnel network used for smuggling fighters and weapons.

With Israel’s Operation Guardian of the Walls finally over, the Jewish state’s media is counting achievements and losses.

During the eleven days of the operation that erupted when Hamas, the Islamic group that controls the Gaza Strip, launched rockets into the country’s southern communities, 12 Israelis have lost their lives. Hundreds have been treated in hospitals across the country. Dozens of residential buildings have been partially or fully damaged.

Rocket Protector

But in Israel, the operation has largely been hailed as a success. Amos Gilad, a former senior defence official, who has filled key positions in Israel’s military apparatus, including heading a military intelligence research division, says that most of the missions set by the government have been achieved. 

To start off, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system proved its efficiency. Throughout the hostilities, Gaza militants launched more than 4,000 rockets into Israeli territory. 3,000 of them penetrated the Jewish state and half of those could have hit residential areas if they hadn’t been intercepted by the advanced…

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