Israel May Have Dealt Hamas a Heavy Blow, but Islamist Militants Destined to Recover

The intensive bombardment of Gaza has damaged the Islamic group’s infrastructure and sites. It also destroyed parts of the so-called metro, a sophisticated network of tunnels. But a local expert says that that won’t be enough to eliminate the group.

The ceasefire between israel and Hamas, the Islamic group that controls the Gaza Strip, still holds on Monday.

Hamas stopped its indiscriminate rocket fire into Israeli territories, while the Jewish state ceased its bombardment of the Gaza Strip, where at least 240 people have been killed in the eleven days of fighting.

For Israel, Operation “Guardian of the Walls” has been a success. To begin with, it eliminated dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives, including top ranking commanders.

It prevented the Islamist group from launching several terrorist attacks; it had planned to direct its militants to infiltrate Israel, where they were directed to kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers and civilians. 

It hampered Hamas’ ability to produce and launch rockets and, most importantly, it damaged the so-called Hamas metro, a tunnel system used by militants for smuggling weapons and fighters.

Hamas Won’t Be Destroyed

But Mkhaimer Abu Seada, a Gaza-based political analyst, is doubtful Israeli achievements have been that big.

Although it is too early to estimate the damage of the recent round of hostilities, the destruction of multiple residential buildings, roads, schools, hospitals and police stations will cost Hamas billions of…

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