UK Defence Chief Claims ‘Nosy’ Russian Ships Circling Britain, Labels Moscow ‘Number One Threat’

The UK Navy claimed in early December 2020 that Royal Navy warships had been monitoring a significant Russian presence close to the west coast of Scotland in Britain’s territorial waters, with First Sea Lord, Admiral Tony Radakin, saying “we are always ready to respond”.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has accused Russia’s “nosy” submarines of reportedly circling Britain’s entire coastline, as he gave an interview for the Sunday Telegraph.

As the Defence chief added that a Russian kilo class submarine had ostensibly been detected in the Irish Sea late last year, which had not been seen “for a very, very long time, he emphasised:

The Defence Secretary’s statement echo last year’s reports by the UK Navy. In December 2020 the Royal warships claimed to have observed a significant presence of Russian vessels near the kingdom’s territorial waters.

At the time, Russia was accused of “flexing its muscles in Britain’s back yard” by the Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nick Carter, as he gave a speech to the Royal United Services Institute.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, a total of 150 Russian naval assets had been spotted by the UK Navy since 2013, with Royal Navy fleets often responding by dispatching a frigate or destroyer to monitor their movements.

Wallace also told the outlet that Moscow was the UK’s “number one adversary threat”.

“This is a country that killed someone in Salisbury,” said Wallace.

Moscow-London ties have been…

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