‘Life Won’t be the Same Again’: Gazan Orphan Tells How He Lost His Parents in Israeli Airstrike

Although the ceasefire that was reached on Friday is being observed, the eleven days of hostilities between Hamas, which maintains de facto control of the Gaza Strip, and israel have claimed the lives of more than 240 Palestinians and 12 Israelis.

Quiet has been maintained in the Gaza Strip since Friday, after the Egyptian mediators managed to broker a ceasefire between israel and Hamas, the militant organisation that controls the enclave.

The Islamist group stopped firing rockets into Israel and the latter put an end to its bombardment of strategic targets within the Strip, where at least 240 people have already lose their lives in the eleven days of fighting.

If the ceasefire continues and the two sides eventually reach an agreement, quiet will be restored in the area and life will go back to normal.

Life Won’t Be Normal Again

But for Ahmed al-Koulak, a 17-year-old boy from Gaza, life will never look normal again. On 16 May Israeli warplanes attacked the building he was living in, burying his parents and four of his siblings alive.

“We were at home when we heard a huge explosion,” he recalls.

Israel has repeatedly claimed that the air strikes exclusively targeted Hamas military sites and that the damage to civilian infrastructure such as residential buildings, roads and towers was not deliberate. 

It has also maintained that when civilians were thought to be in a targeted building, it made sure to warn residents and urge them to evacuate, but al-Koulak says this has…

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