Tesla Cars Reportedly Banned From Some Chinese Government Compounds Over Security Concerns

Reports previously detailed that China barred the use of Tesla vehicles at military complexes over concerns that information collected by the semi-autonomous automobile could prompt national security leaks. However, the move was also largely seen as part of China’s efforts to separate itself from the US amid the heated tech battle between the pair.

Staffers working at Chinese government offices were recently reportedly informed that they could no longer park their Tesla vehicles inside work compounds as a result of growing security concerns that stem from the cameras installed on the cars.

However, it’s unclear how many staffers were affected by the policy shift, if the new rule would be imposed across agencies nationwide, or if the changes were implemented at the behest of the Chinese government or simply by agency officials.

It’s worth noting that while China does have its own semi-autonomous vehicles that are fitted with similar cameras and radars to assist drivers, the alleged mandate has only been enforced against the Tesla automaker.

An official response from China has not yet been issued on the matter.

Similar reports emerged in mid-March detailing that the Chinese government was moving to bar Teslas from being driven into any military compounds over fears that the car would be able to obtain confidential data and set off a national security leak.

The ultimate fear was that the details would somehow be leaked back to the US.

In some cases, Tesla cars were…

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