‘Support Them If You Can’: Ex-Obama Aides Allegedly Promoted ‘Hamas-Linked’ Charity Amid Gaza Flare-up


On Wednesday, Hamas militants and the Israeli government vowed to keep on fighting even though US President Joe Biden in a previous phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he expects significant de-escalation in the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict, which has entered its tenth day.

The company Crooked Media, which was founded by former Obama administration officials, has tweeted and then deleted a message promoting the Palestinian militant group Hamas, the Washington Free Beacon news outlet reports.  

A number of countries, including the US and Israel, view Hamas as a terrorist organisation. The Islamist group is currently involved in a heavy rocket exchange with the Israeli military amid the two’s largest escalation of tensions in recent years.

In a Tuesday message, Crooked Media urged its followers to lend a hand to several charities, including Islamic Relief, which has been banned by an array of countries over the group’s alleged links to Hamas; Israel, in turn, designates Islamic Relief as a supporter of terrorism, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

This came moths after the US State Department severed its longstanding ties with the charity’s umbrella organisation, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), over allegations of IRW promoting anti-Semitism.

As for the Islamic Relief charity, its senior leaders reportedly praised their counterparts in Hamas, also referring to Jewish people as the…

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