White House Finds Reported Plans of Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas Promising


A new round of hostilities started on 10 May after Hamas fired hundreds of rockets towards Israel, most of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defence system. The IDF responded with retaliatory strikes against Hamas commanders and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

The White House has seen reports about “a move” toward a potential ceasefire between the Palestinians and israel and finds them “encouraging”, Biden administration spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated during a press conference.

Psaki added that Washington too is working towards achieving an end to hostilities and has conducted over 80 engagements with the Israelis, representatives of the Palestinian Authority, and “across the region” to discuss the matter.

Israel in Position to Wind Down Operation in Gaza

The spokeswoman also stated the White House believes that israel is currently in a position to bring an end to the conflict. She recalled that US President Joe Biden had had four conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during which he asked him to “start winding down” military operations against Hamas in Gaza. The White House’s representative, however, refused to talk about whether or not Tel Aviv had met Biden’s expectations on achieving a significant “de-escalation” by 20 May.

At the same time, Psaki argued that the hostilities in the region have been going on for “only 10 days”, while the last major confrontation between Tel Aviv…

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