Hezbollah May Be Supporting Palestinian Resistance, But It Won’t Try Luck Against Israel, Here’s Why

The Shiite militia has a long list of problems to worry about, an Israeli expert thinks. These range from the group’s depleted financial means to the ongoing turmoil in Lebanon. And this means that a full-scale confrontation with israel is out of question for now.

Israel’s north has been largely quiet in the past several weeks, despite tensions flaring up in Jerusalem and the ongoing hostilities between the Jewish state and Hamas that erupted last Monday.

Quiet Has Been Disrupted

But Wednesday evening changed that equation when four rockets were launched from the south of Lebanon, setting off red alerts in Israel’s northern towns and cities.

Two rockets reportedly fell in the sea. Another landed in an open area. The fourth one was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system.

So far, no group has taken responsibility for the action, but israel pointed the finger of blame at Hezbollah, saying it held the Shiite militia responsible for all attacks emanating from Lebanese soil.

Dr Eyal Zisser, the vice rector of Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli experts on Iran and Hezbollah, says he wouldn’t rush to pin the blame on the Shiite militia.

Hezbollah has a long history of confrontation with Israel and two full-fledged wars under its belt. The most recent one that took place in 2006 dealt a severe blow to Lebanon. Nearly 1,200 people lost their lives in the hostilities, 4,400 were wounded, while hundreds of thousands were displaced.

The direct war damage

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