Israeli Media Claims Tel Aviv Gave US ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence of Hamas Presence in Razed Media Tower

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israel jets levelled Gaza City’s 12-story Jala Tower on Saturday, claiming that Hamas militants were using the building as a military intelligence outpost. The tower contained the international press offices of the US-based Associated Press, Qatar’s Al Jazeera, as well as civilian residences.

Tel Aviv has shared “smoking gun” proof with Washington showing that Hamas was working inside Jala Tower, The Jerusalem Post has reported, citing an anonymous diplomatic source.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu similarly told US media on Sunday that israel had “shared” intelligence “with our American friends,” and suggested that Jala Tower was a “perfectly legit target” used by Hamas to ‘plot and organise’ “terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.”

He added that the Israeli attack caused “no death whatsoever” because Israel warned its occupants to get out of the building before the strike were carried out.

Despite Netanyahu’s assurances, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday that President Biden had requested “additional details” about the airstrike on the building – the fourth multi-story building attacked by Israel during its weeklong campaign – in his telephone conversation with Netanyahu. Blinken also indicated that he had seen “no evidence” that Hamas was operating inside the tower.

The International Federation of Journalists, the Committee to Protect…

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