Iran Asks International Community to Label Israeli Actions as ‘Genocide’ Amid Flare-up of Fighting

Middle East

Raging tensions between Israelis and Palestinians spilled over into violence in israel and the West Bank and a conflagration between Tel Aviv and militants in Gaza this month, with the conflict sparked by an anticipated Supreme Court ruling to evict Palestinian families from a Jerusalem neighbourhood and the police occupation of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Tehran is demanding that the international community recognise Israel’s “criminal” behaviour as “genocide,” and is calling on other countries and organisations to end their “unacceptable neutrality” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has said.

Iran calls on governments and responsible international organisations to end their unacceptable neutrality towards the aggressor,” he added added, calling on the United Nations Security Council to “fulfil its inherent mission and duty” and pressure Tel Aviv to “end its aggression.”

The spokesman reiterated that Iran “strongly condemns the new round of brutal aggression by the Zionist regime” against Palestinians, and went on to blast Western nations for supporting Israel, which he said has led to an intensification of its destructive behaviour.

He added that Iran considers Palestinians to “have an inherent and natural right to defend themselves,” and that the “reclamation” of their rights is “a global responsibility.”

The spokesman is…

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