Blinken Says US Seeks to End Violence Between Israelis and Palestinians as Soon as Possible


A new spate of violence erupted last week between Tel Aviv and militant groups based in the Gaza Strip over policies enacted by the Israeli government pertaining to Palestinians. Over the week, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired over 3,000 rockets towards Israel, with the IDF hitting numerous Hamas facilities and killing some of its top commanders.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has stated that Washington’s goal remains to stop the ongoing violence between Israelis and Palestinians as quickly as possible. The top American diplomat added that he stressed the necessity of ending the violence in talks with his partners from Israel, the UAE, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, and the EU.

The secretary of state commented on Washington’s repeated blocking of recent UN Security Council resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian violence, claiming the US has never obstructed diplomacy, but on the contrary – is actively working in this field.

The top diplomat also revealed the US had received new information about an attack by the IDF on a multi-storey building in Gaza hosting the offices of several media outlets, including such international networks as the Associated Press and Al Jazeera. 

The IDF claimed that “Hamas military intelligence assets” have been hiding in the building using the media outlets as a “human shield”. Israel says it warned the inhabitants of the building in advance about the imminent…

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